Stix+Stones FAQ

When was Stix+Stones created?
Stix+Stones began as a simple idea in Fall 2014, I took what little knowledge and tools I had and began to create! Learning along the way by means of fellow crafters, local classes and trial and error, here we are with beautiful, unique, one of a kind pieces.

Where is Stix+Stones Headquartered?
We are based out of Charlotte, NC. However, we ship across the US!

What is the concept behind Stix+Stones?
Our goal is to create unique handcrafted jewelry that is just as diverse, unique and beautiful as each women who sports it. Each of our pieces start as a concept, each bead is then hand picked, and each piece is handcrafted right here in Charlotte, NC. We even offer custom design options because we believe your accessories are an extension of your personal style.

Don’t see something you like? Please email us – we love a new challenge and would love to talk further with you about your style!

What are Stix+Stones jewelry made from? 

Our jewelry is predominately made from a mixture of new items from local bead shops, [Thank you Beads, Inc and Beadlush!] a handful of preferred vendors, and up-cycled materials I find when I am out vintage shopping. You’d never believe what you can find right at your local vintage shop if you just learn to think outside the box and let your creative side take over!

How can I purchase a Stix+Stones original piece?
You can purchase by e-mailing us at We then use PayPal to issue invoices and receive payments.

Not familiar with PayPal? Please feel free to contact us so we can explore another option for payment with you.

Where Can I find out more?

Twitter: @Stix_StonesCLT
Instagram: @StixAndStonesCLT

Or on my personal Instagram & Twitter @AllyBFraz

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