Sweaters, and Boots, and Tights: Oh My!

We are smack dab in the middle of fall here in North Carolina. That means its 40 degrees first thing in the morning, 70 degrees during the day, and only Lord knows how cool it’s going to get at night! What is a girl to do?! Rule Number 1: Layers [[DUH]] but this post is to remind you that there are alternatives to the traditional jeans and sweater go to for this time of year!

First of all, lets talk tights. I love them. I can’t get enough of them. All the different patterns and textures make them so versatile, and necessary, for Fall/Winter. You can wear them under shorts, like you see here, under skirts, under dresses or under your jeans for extra insulation in the extra cold months! I seriously live in tights throughout the fall and winter months. PLUS, since I’m tall I always worry about the length of some of my skirts and dresses – tights are an amazing answer to this problem. I actually may get MORE wear out of my skirts and dresses in the fall and winter months than I do in the summer!

Second? Boots. I  mean fall is the time for boots of all shapes and all sizes, but I am particularly in love with the studded and fringe versions showing their beautiful souls [[haha, souls/soles anybody?]] this year. Check out this super rocker chic pair from YSL below. Also, check out the Koolaburra website for some seriously amazing fringe booties.

I love this edgy weekend outfit for fall for more than one reason. First of all because it is casual and chic. You can wear this out during the day, or at night. The jewelry is punky and noticeable without taking too much away from the patterns of the outfit. Plus that little leather clutch? With the vintage worn down look? Absolutely to die for!

Don’t let winter chase your shorts into hiding this year. Pull them out, put your tights to good use, and try out this fun and funky weekend outfit.

Untitled #21

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