DIY No Sew Beanie

I’ve always considered myself fairly crafty, after all I do design my own jewelry, but one trick of the trade I have yet to master is the sewing machine. Is anyone else intimidated by that oh so little, loud, whirring machine?

So when I found instructions for a NO sew Beanie online I just had to give it a go.

What you’ll need:
1. An Old Sweater (I used an old knit sweater that had pricked over the years but I just wasn’t ready to part with).
2. A Scarf/Headband – nothing that will stretch or shrink when you take it on or off because you’ll use this for measuring.
3. A measuring tape.
4. A hot glue gun. (They also make fabric glue for hot glue guns, but I used what I had on hand and it is holding up just fine!)
5. Sharp Scissors.
6. Sharpie.

1. Wrap the scarf securely around your head where you want the edge of the beanie to sit. Secure tightly with a knit in the back. You will use this to measure the width of your beanie so that it fits on your head comfortably and securely.

2. Once knotted, place the scarf on the bottom of your sweater (along the bottom edge). The length of your beanie will be. Measure from the top of your scarf to the beginning of the knot on the opposite side. (I actually tied mine just a tinyyy bit smaller to make sure it fit snuggly – what can I say, I have an odd shaped head).

3. Use your measuring tape to now mark the height of your beanie. Place it in the middle of your scarf and measure. I measured 12 inches for a super floppy, off the head beanie. If you’re looking for a snugger fit measure between 9 – 10 inches.

4. From here mark out a rough pattern for your beanie using your sharpie. Draw from the tips of your scarf to the tops of your measuring tape in a rounded shape. (See the link for photos)

5. Once you think you’ve outlined it to the shape you like begin cutting on your line. Cut both layers of the sweater at the same time! This is essential to making sure the final product comes out identical.

6. NOW. turn both pieces inside out. This means that the outside of the sweater are touching, and the inside pieces are facing out. (Really, the “inside” or “outside” depends on which side of the sweater you want to show. The main idea here is that it needs to be inside out from the final product at this stage.)

7. Hot glue gun time! Once you have your pieces cut and lined up glue from one corner, over the top, to the other corner. Leaving the bottom open. Careful here as hot glue will burn your fingers and seep through fabric depending on what you are using! Let dry for a moment.

8. Now, once its dry and secure cut about an inch of fabric right at the VERY top of your beanie. This will prevent the beanie from sticking straight up/out and making you look like a cone-head (as if I need any help in that department).

9. Pinch and gather each side together, forming two loops.

You can see here how she loops the top of the beanie prior to gluing.

You can see here how she loops the top of the beanie prior to gluing.

10. Now use your glue gun one last time to glue each loop together at the edge of the fabric. Let Dry.

11. Flip your beanie back right-side in and BOOM, you’re done. Handmade, no sew, DIY beanie. Perfect for Fall and straight through winter.

Here is a photo of my finished product: Finished No Sew Beanie

I love upcycling old clothes and materials! What are your favorite re purposed DIY projects?


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