An Ode to Bradshaw

“When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more.” – “The Real Me” season 4, episode 2

Oh Carrie, you know me so well. Of all the good, yet sometimes misguided, advice you also blessed us with a myriad of fashion trends. [And somehow made us feel okay that life gets a little messy sometimes.]

But most importantly… That Tutu. Carrie wore it in different lengths and different colors for different occasions and different styles but lord did she wear it! With such ease and grace, while you thought to yourself, “How can I really pull that off in public… in North Carolina.” [Or any other small state/town that might not be quite as fashion forward as you’d like] I can’t be the only girl that could wear a tutu every day for the rest of her life and feel totally okay with it. There is just something about them that makes you feel… good. Exotic? Empowered even.

Skirts are having their moment and tutus are no longer for the NYC and fashion elite or 8 year old girls. Like this beautiful Tulle Ball skirt from Martin Grant. While this one is a little pricey [come now, this is an Ode to Bradshaw] you can find them just about anywhere – in all different sizes, colors and lengths! I’ve seen a couple stellar ones from Alice + Olivia [$396] Club Monaco [$140] and sites likes for under $100! Don’t think for a second if you can’t afford high end fashion that you can’t wear high end fashion. After all, we wouldn’t want you to end up living in your Louboutin’s!

This skirt is perfect when paired with a crop top, keeping in mind that showing just the tiniest bit of skin [I usually shoot for an inch or less when baring midriff] can be sexy yet classy. This crop from TopShop is a great addition to any closet, and H&M are carrying a wide array at the moment as well! You can also wear it with a simple t-shirt or even a denim jacket. Seriously, when did tulle become so versatile? I’d personally stick to a neutral color skirt simply because it will give you more pairing options, and the ability to dress it up or down as seen here. This outfit is perfect for drinks after work with the girls, and will transfer seamlessly into the night with simple ankle booties. Or, if you lean more towards the boho style, pair it with fun sandals and a white lace top!

When wearing a statement piece, like a tutu, you’ll want to keep the rest of your outfit fairly simple. Like this David Yurman Chevron Triple Wrap Bracelet, layered with a dainty gold chain bracelet. I seriously couldn’t resist the Mean Girls reference, and I’m sure Carrie would approve. You’ll want to stick with a simple clutch like this 440 Envelope Metallic cork one from Diane von Furstenberg. I absolutely LOVE cork for Spring/Summer 2014. I’ve seen it on shoes, handbags, accessorizes and more and it is the perfect accent without over doing it.

I also couldn’t resist including Tom Ford’s Carrie Vintage round sunglasses for obvious reasons. I will admit, very a-la 1970’s, round sunglasses are making a comeback. [Honestly, it might be the year for fashion comebacks.] The key to finding the perfect set of shades for you is simply to try them on. Sunglasses, much like people, come in so many styles and sizes that it is just a matter of finding a pair that flatters your personal style. This may be an ode to Bradshaw, but as even she showed us, the key to embracing any fashion is to embrace your personal style. Remember when Carrie said, “I have a style and jeweled panties aren’t it.” Make fashion work for you, not vice versa.

Last but not least, keep your make up simple and neutral with a pop of color on your lips. Pick a color that works for you, I personally love the NARS Pure Matte Lipstick options.

So today, channel your inner Bradshaw. Wear the tutu.

An Ode to Bradshaw

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