Deliberate Dawdling

Dawdle: to move languidly, to saunter, to putter, waste time or trifle.

I’m a social dawdle-r. I find that I often feel as though I am meandering down the path of life, leaving pieces of me behind as I go. In all fairness I am a Pisces, so being a dreamer is basically my entire repertoire. Supposedly, the diva of the zodiac, and I guess if the shoes fits…

I’ve heard that dawdling is also a, “Southern Thing.” Also known as piddling, creeping, being passive [aggressive], and we can all agree those sound like some pretty accurate adjectives. Appreciating a slower pace of life, especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon, but that is just fine by me! After all, you can’t rush things like a delicious apple pie, good low-lights, or putting together the perfect outfit.

I’m from the South and I don’t like Sweet Tea. I love fried chicken, but not collards [greens]. You know what else I love? Shoes. Cowboy boots, Birkenstocks, Pumps of all shapes and all sizes. I’ve had a Vogue subscription for as long as I can remember so it could only mean that it was a sign from the Fashion Gods. I solidified this belief when the subscription finally “ran up” right before the April 2014 issues with Kim and Kanye on the front. [Shame on you Anna Wintour]. BUT I digress, like I said, the fashion Gods(esses) have a funny way of going about things.

So here we are. Cornbread & Pumps: a blog for everyone who likes to dawdle. Whether you’re looking for fun events, and what to wear to these events, in Charlotte, NC [[Dancing Shoes]]- a cool DIY project or new delicious recipe [[What Would Martha Do?]]- or some fashion inspiration for a night out, or a night in for that matter – I hope I’ll have you covered. Also, make sure to check out my new jewelry designs, on the Stix+Stones tab at the top of the screen!

Photos by Me. [Unless Otherwise Captioned]
Fashion/Personal Styling by Me. [Unless Otherwise Captioned]
Most theories, thoughts, and mumblings also by Me. [Unless Otherwise Mentioned]

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @AllyBFraz.



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